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Nano-Enhanced Full Spectrum CBD

Stress and fatigue can be a thing of the past


It should come as no surprise that general awareness and understanding of Nanoenhanced CBD is still in its early stages. After all, the notion of CBD as a therapeutic solution was only first proposed in the 1980s, and decades went by without further substantial research. And as for nanotechnology, the science on its use in medicinal products has only really taken off over the past 15 years. Thus, both CBD and nanomaterials are relatively new concepts to the world of therapy… And that goes double when you combine the two in the form of Nanoenhanced CBD.

This fusion of CBD and nanotechnology only first started around 2010 and has been fairly elusive of mainstream consciousness. That said, the early returns on relevant studies are quite positive - to say the least. More research is on the horizon, but it’s very possible that the overall effectiveness of Nanoenhanced CBD will have impressive health implications. At the moment, we’re still at an early junction of what could turn out to be a therapeutic phenomenon. Look below for more the potential benefits of Nanoenhanced CBD.


The CBD Oil page covers the entirety of cannabidiol’s impressive range of benefits. This includes its potential as an antioxidant cure for neurological and psychological afflictions (i.e. Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, addiction, memory loss) and its positive physical effects (i.e. metabolism boost, pain reduction, anti-wrinkling, wakefulness, deeper sleep, and general immune system strength).

With our Nanoenhanced oil, you still stand to benefit from each of these byproducts… Only on a greater scale. Because the oil is more efficient at getting valuable CBD molecules into the bloodstream, its overall advantages for your body and psyche have the potential to become that much more pronounced.

The biggest pro of Nanoenhanced CBD oil is that it’s up to 10 times more absorbent than regular CBD oils. Typically, only somewhere around 10% of CBD oil actually makes it way into your system; with the Nanoenhanced oil, that number is much closer to 100%. The ramifications of this are far-reaching indeed: You can get a lot more benefit with a much smaller concentration of product.

Nanoenhanced CBD oil’s heightened bioavailability can be attributed to the nanosized fat molecules - liposomes - covering the hemp oil molecules. Due to these liposomes, Nanoenhanced CBD molecules are extracted at a size smaller than 100 nanometers, making them a lot more likely to penetrate the body. Compare that to normal CBD molecules, which can measure in at 2,000 nanometers.

The way that liposomes help facilitate CBD absorption here is called the nano-liposomal delivery system, which is a method quite similar to one used for many medicinal pills.

The very same factors that play into Nanoenhanced CBD’s bioavailability impact the speed of delivery. Thanks to the liposomes covering these cannabidiol molecules, the absorption process begins quicker than it would for your standard CBD oil.

In fact, one study found the nanoenhanced product its peak CBD blood concentration over 40 minutes earlier than its non-enhanced counterpart. (And, as another point in favor of its bioavailability, the nanoenhanced oil was three times as effective).

As far as therapeutic priorities go, Nanoenhanced CBD provides the best of both worlds: Fast intake and effective results.

Typically, CBD solutions are touted as being water soluble, a property beneficial to efficient oil absorption. Because of how water-friendly our bodies are, lotions and creams that aren’t water soluble take more time to get through the skin and take effect. And while water solubility is good, Now Alchemy’s Nanoenhanced CBD has taken it a step further.

Our oil is water suspended, meaning that nearly 100% of the product gets absorbed by the body without the help of water. Essentially, it’s the most optimal choice to ensure you truly receive the benefit of each individual drop. Water soluble mixtures, on the other hand, can lose some of their potency when dissolved.

Part of what makes nanoenhanced molecules so particularly special is their ability to pass through the blood-brain-barrier. Other CBD products typically have to wait until hitting the digestive system to start taking effect. Nano CBD, however, isn’t obstructed by the blood-brain-barrier, meaning it can immediately seep into the bloodstream and take effect on the cells it encounters.

This plays a pivotal role in its bioavailability and delivery time, ultimately allowing the help extract to be as efficient as it is.

Because of the Nanoenhanced oil’s bioavailability and water suspension, it’s far and away more efficient than regular CBD oil. Just how efficient? Well, 250mg of this oil is equivalent to 2,500mg of the traditional stuff. Each individual bottle holds the therapeutic power of 10 regular CBD bottles.

And while other companies are selling similar CBD products at twice the cost, we believe in providing the most advanced technology at a cost affordable to everyone.

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: Take 1-3 droppers full (each dropper fills up 50-75%), under the tongue 1-3 times per day, or as recommended by your health care professional or personally desired. Hold under your tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing, apply topically, or add to food and or drink. 120 droppers per bottle. Effects are more noticeable on an empty stomach. Great to use to immediately relieve headache, anxiety, seizure, pain, inflammation or insomnia.