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Anxiety - Pain - Inflammation - Digestion - Brain Function - Happiness 

Nirvana is the combination of the 6 most ancient and powerful activators for your health and longevity; Nano-enhanced CBD, 24K Gold Ormus, Ashwaganda, Kava Kava, Circumin(from turmeric), Piperine(From black pepper). 

Hemp Extract(250mg CBD per bottle)(zero THC) equivalent to 2,500mg of a regular hemp oil. HIGHLY effective. 

Stress and fatigue can be a thing of the past. Now Alchemy Hemp Extract is the future of CBD.

This nano-sized CBD is not an oil, or a water soluble oil, and it is far more beneficial. Just 250mg of our CBD is equivalent to 2,500mg  of the a regular CBD oil. Water suspended means that nearly 100% of this CBD is absorbed into the cells of your body, and not waisted.  With a water soluble oil you will utilize about 1/10 of the CBD they offer per serving and with an oil CBD that is not water soluble in order to absorb any of the CBD the oil first needs to move into the intestine and be digested, throughout that process you will lose nearly all of the CBD offered per serving. A water soluble oil is much better than a regular oil, but it is not nearly as beneficial as a water suspended CBD like the one we are offering. With Now Alchemy CBD you absorb it all right into your blood stream, right away.  Our CBD absorbs into your blood as quickly as the water that carries it.
Our CBD is also full spectrum as apposed to the isolated CBDs you may have experienced in the past. Using an isolated CBD rather than a full-spectrum CBD is like taking an isolated vitamin without the enzymes needed to assimilate it  instead of a food based vitamin that comes with all of the enzymes needed to activate it’s function within the body. Our CBD is full-spectrum, meaning it comes with all of the natural terpenes present in the hemp plant, making it fully functional and operational within your body.
We simply would not give you a non-organic CBD, because that’s just unnatural.
Our CBD is derived from the ultra healing Hemp plant and has zero THC in it. This is extremely important because it means you can use our CBD anywhere, anytime, without worrying about any psychoactive effects of THC. Our CBD will increase your sense of well-being, and heighten you, but it will not make you high like Cannabis derived CBDs will.
Even while we use advanced technology to provide you with the absolute best CBD available, it is our intent to make this CBD affordable to everyone.


Some of the most commonly reported benefits of nano-enhanced CBD are:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • powerful nootropic, cognitive enhancer
  • antioxidant
  • anti-aging
  • metabolism booster
  • more energy without feelings stimulated or jittery
  • positive thoughts
  • calming to the nervous system
  • immune system booster
  • enhances regeneration and deeper sleep
  • amplifies the benefits of other health substances
  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety and addictive thoughts and behaviors
  • cognitive enhancement
  • energizing(authentically raises your vibration)
  • more confidence and will power
  • immune system booster
  • increased feelings of safety, happiness and well being
  • greater focus and artistic creativity
  • less procrastination
  • easier time connecting with people


    Ormus (50ml per bottle)
    Ormus is used for beauty, peace of mind, focus, and consciousness expansion, and is a great Pineal Gland aid. The Pineal gland is responsible for the production of Melatonin(sleep patterns and tissue repair), Serotonin(the feel good hormone) and DMT(the God molecule). The Pineal gland also regulates the Pituitary gland’s function and helps with the balancing of hormones throughout the entire body. So the Pineal gland is a staple for over all health, well-being and longevity, but unfortunately this extremely important gland is not addressed in the standard diet and health care system. This is why Ormus Gold is a must for all who desire to fulfill their potential in health and performance and should be used daily as part of a healthy, productive, happy and successful lifestyle.

    What you will experience with Now Alchemy’s Ormus Gold is that it is most pure and high vibration. This bottle contains 72+ special Ormus minerals from the natural Dead, Himalayan and Cyprus Sea, and actual gold. 
    We ship all of our Ormus in protective material to keep it safe from EMFs and we store it in special miron glass only letting Ultra Violet and Violet light through. Other spectrums of light will drop the vibration of the Ormus, so company’s selling Ormus in regular glass or in plastic bottles are losing the Ormus’s energetic potentials each second it is stored, while Now Alchemy is actually charged by miron glass while it is stored.


    Some of the most commonly reported benefits of 24K Gold Ormus are:

    • Looking and feeling younger
    • Deeper more restful sleep
    • Opening to the third eye
    • Increases manifesting potential
    • Helps to induce the Theta brain state
    • Balances left and right brain hemispheres
    • Relaxes nervous system
    • Increases brain capacity
    • Reduce risk of cancer 
    • Elevation of subconscious patterns of behavior & thought
    • Increased spiritual and physical awareness
    • Increased spiritual “connectedness”
    • Increased psychic phenomenon
    • Boosted neurotransmitter production
    • Increased dream lucidity
    • Anti-aging characteristics
    • Increased metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation
    • Removal of bad calcium build-up at the topical point of application
    • Hyper-structuring of water
    • Accelerated or even miraculous healing
    • Balancing of the chakras
    • Synchronization of physiology
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Neutralizes negativity in the cells
    • Increases sense of overall well-being
    • Relieves stress & anxiety
    • Increases speed of manifestation
    • Increases human aura(bio-magnetic sheath)


    Kava Kava 

    Kava, or Kava Kava, has been used by medicine people of the Pacific Islands for over 3000 years as part of important religious rituals and ceremonies due to it's numerous benefits and comfort inducing properties. 

    It is said that Kava was first discovered by a woman who left Fiji to marry a Samoan chief. In route to Samoa, she noticed a hillside plant being chewed by a squirrel like animal, before putting it into a zen like state. The woman was immediately given the vision of Kava's comforting properties and brought the plant with her to Samoa. From that point forward the plant was harvested, exported and shared as a ceremonial relaxation superfood everywhere.

    Some of the most commonly reported benefits of Kava are:

    • Reduce anxiety
    • Protect neurons from damage
    • Reduce pain sensations
    • Reduce risk of cancer 



    For over 2 millennia Ashwaganda as been used in India as a powerful rejuvenating herb to add longevity to one's life. Ashwaganda’s use in Ayurvedic medicine extends back in time to the teachings of the most esteemed of Hindu sages, Punarvasu Atreya. He is believed to have worked as the personal physician of the king. His teachings were the foundation for the Charaka and he noted that upon usage of Ashwaganda one would have "The vigor and strength of a stallion.".

    Some of the most commonly reported benefits of Ashwaganda are:

    • Anxiety relief 
    • Improved energy levels
    • Improved concentration
    • Reduced blood sugar levels 
    • Anti-cancer properties 
    • Reduce stress hormone cortisol 
    • Relief from depression 
    • Boosted libido 
    • Increased testosterone in men 
    • Increased musculature and strength 
    • Reduced inflammation 
    • Lower Cholesterol 
    • Lower body fat 
    • Improved brain function
    • Improved memory 


    CURCUMIN(extracted from Turmeric)

    While many companies provide Turmeric supplements, we isolate the active constituent of Turmeric that is responsible for all of it's benefits, Curcumin, so that you can use less and get a lot more out of it. 

    For over 4,000 years in China, India and Africa Turmeric has been used and highly praised as a religious sacrament for it's many benefits. According to Sanskrit medical treatises and Ayurvedic and Unani systems, turmeric has a long history of medicinal use in South Asia. Susruta’s Ayurvedic Compendium, dating back to 250 bc, recommends an ointment containing turmeric to relieve the effects of poisoned food. In Pakistan, it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent, and as a remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. Indians use turmeric, in addition to its Ayurvedic applications, to purify blood and remedy skin conditions. From ancient times, as prescribed by Ayurveda, turmeric has been used to treat sprains and swelling. It is a cholagogue, stimulating bile production in the liver and encouraging excretion of bile via the gallbladder, which improves the body’s ability to digest fats. Studies report that this yellow spice exhibits anticancer, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, hypoglycemic, and ant-iarthritic properties.

    Some of the most commonly reported benefits of Turmeric are:

    • Anti-aging
    • Anti-inflammatory 
    • Lower risk of brain disease 
    • Boosted brain function
    • Lowered risk of heart disease 
    • Anti-cancer properties
    • Positive benefits in Alzheimer's disease
    • Arthritis relief 
    • Depression relief 
    • Stress relief 


    PIPERINE(extracted from black pepper)

    Instead of just adding pepper to this blend we extract is beneficial compound, piperine, to maximize this elixirs efficiency. Piperine extract is about 100 times as efficient as black pepper. Black pepper has been used in conjunction with turmeric for centuries due to it's ability to increase the absorption of the Curcumin in turmeric by up to 2,000%. This makes the Curcumin in our elixir nearly 2,000 times  other curcumin containing supplements.  

    Some of the most commonly reported benefits of black pepper are:

    • Anti-cancer
    • Digestion aid
    • Anti-aging
    • Improved dental health
    • Helps with skin conditions
    • Supports weight loss  
    • Anti-inflammatory 

    SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: Take 1-3 droppers full(each dropper fills up 50-75%), under the tongue 1-3 times per day, or as recommended by your health care professional or personally desired. Hold under your tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing, apply topically, or add to food and or drink. 120 droppers per bottle. Effects are more noticeable on an empty stomach. Great to use for staying in a zen mode during anxiety inducing competitive events, long work days, and meditation to avoid fatigue, pain and other forms of distraction.